They say a healthy relationship starts in the bedroom – with a good night’s sleep. But that’s easier said than done when partners have completely different snoozing styles. Different weights, resting positions and comfort preferences can result in fights, exhaustion – and forget about the sex.

“If you’re not getting enough sleep … you don’t feel as good. And so much about feeling sexy and romantic has to do with how you feel about yourself,” says Julie Bain, co-author of “Sleep to Be Sexy, Smart and Slim.”

Luckily, a breakthrough mattress on the market this week promises the ultimate personalized sleep experience. And believe me – when it comes to comfort, this bed is king.

My boyfriend and I spent a night testing the new Sleep Number Memory Foam Bed in the posh Plaza Hotel. Six inches of air chambers make up the heart of the mattress, while a 3-inch top layer of slow-response memory foam cradles your body and soothes pressure points.

Best of all, with the push of a button, a Firmness Control System adjusts the firmness on each side of the bed on a scale of 0 (feather soft) to 100 (firmest of all).

The Sleep Number bed’s price tag is pretty steep (starting at $3,200), but it’s the ultimate personalized sleep experience. The air chamber technology adjusts the firmness on each side of the mattress to meet day-to-day changes in your body.

A bad sunburn, or aching muscles from a long run can leave you desiring a softer mattress while you recover.

Pregnant women can benefit from adjusting the firmness on their side of the bed while their pregnancy progresses.

As a stomach-sleeper, I like my mattress softer, while my boyfriend prefers a surface with more support. With my side of the bed set on 50 and his on a sturdy 80, forget about catching 40 winks – we were ready to hibernate until next summer, with plenty of motivation for snuggling.

The National Sleep Foundation reports that almost half of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and I can certainly relate. Long hours at the office, noisy neighbors and economic troubles leave me tossing and turning long after I turn off the lights.

That’s where Select Comfort’s new bed and a line of other brands come in. With research proving that sleep deprivation affects memory, health and relationships, more alternative mattresses are hitting the market to cash in on Americans’ sleep deficit.

“Us being in New York City, almost nobody here sleeps well,” says Dr. Vicky Seelall, director of sleep medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center. “The time we spend in bed is so limited that when we’re there, we should be getting the best quality of sleep we could possibly have.”

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