Couples should consider investing in a quality mattress that gives them the proper comfort and support. “Beds do have a shelf life,” says Bain. “Support wears out. Your body changes. So a new bed can have two effects: the proper rest and support benefit, and it can also have a psychological benefit.”

Keep in mind that the recent firmer-is-better mattress mantra has been debunked. “If it’s too firm, it puts pressure points on people,” Bain says.

And when it comes to shopping for the perfect mattress, Consumer Reports recommends testing out the goods before you make the purchase. Kick off your shoes and lie on the mattress in the store for at least 15 minutes to see if you start feeling any aches or pains.

It’s also important to shop around for sales and discounts, and research warranties. Customers can test the Sleep Number bed for a 30-day trial, and once purchased, it carries a 20-year guarantee.

In addition to a comfy mattress, couples can also benefit from a few bedroom rules.

“A bed should only be used for sleep and intimacy,” Seelall says, “and that’s it.” No heavy reading, watching TV or working on your BlackBerry or laptop, otherwise your bedroom becomes a workplace associated with stress and anxiety – not a cozy nook in which to fall asleep or make love. Seelall emphasizes: “You should always be comfortable in your sleep environment.”


Don’t have three grand for a Sleep Number? Don’t worry. Pimp out your bed with these sleep enhancers.

Microfiber Pillow: A hypoallergenic pillow that molds to your head’s contours will provide a more restful, deeper sleep. Try HoMedics DreamShield Ultra Pillow, $29.99 at

Memory Foam Mattress: Placing this on top of your existing mattress is a cheap way to relieve pressure points and prevent you from feeling your partner turn in the night. Try Wamsutta Expressions Memory Foam Mattress Pad, $19.99 at

Silk Sleep Mask: Light sleepers will find that a comfortable silky-smooth sleep mask will keep their lights out longer. Try Mary Green Sleep Mask, $18 at

Lavender Linen spray: Spray this on your clean sheets for an instant whiff of relaxation. Try Provence Country Lavender French Linen Water Spray, $13.50 at

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