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Daybed is extremely popular, but again and again the question arises, what mattress to go with it. Here it is only important that you look at the dimensions of the bed first: The mattress must be only 80 cm wide. When extended, the bed can also accommodate two people. However, for this you need a second mattress. Ideally, this should have the same dimensions as the regular one. You can find suitable models in our mattress comparison.

Daybed in the living room – is it possible?

Of course, you can also place your personal day bed test winner in the living room. It should just match the rest of the interior style. If you don’t have overnight guests, you can use the day bed in the living room as a sofa.

How does a day bed work?

The function of a day bed is that it should not be immediately recognized as a bed. During the day, it can be used as a seat, while the bedding is stored in the bed box or wardrobe.

Daybed for how many people?

A day bed is usually designed for a single person. However, most daybed reviews also have pull-out models that can accommodate a second sleeper.

What are the key buying criteria for daybeds?

At this point, we have compiled a set of criteria in our daybed comparison to help you find your daybed test winner. If you want to buy a day bed, as with all other furniture, it first depends on what style of interior you prefer.

For a romantic country house, a day bed made of metal with lots of curlicues fits better than a wooden model. Another factor is whether you want to use the bed mainly as a sofa and only occasionally as a guest bed, or whether you want to sleep in it regularly. If the latter is the case, we recommend paying attention to a good slatted frame. Often, only a simple rolling grate is included, but it can be replaced with a more stable model. Beds for bedrooms are not actually daybeds – regardless of whether the daybed has metal or wood as its frame material.

Nevertheless, the best day bed is characterized by high stability.

Before you buy a bed, you also need to decide whether it should be extendable. This will allow the bed to provide sleeping space for a second person. However, it also requires appropriate space so that the bed base can be pulled out. Therefore, the dimensions of the bed are particularly important. In the case of a day bed with an extendable bed base, the height of the base is also relevant. Not every mattress fits easily so that you can also slide the bed drawer in.

Keep in mind that the scope of delivery usually does not include a mattress. So you have to buy it separately.

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